Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals in a Changing Arctic

Passive acoustic monitoring enables long-term studies of marine mammals in remote areas where sampling can be complicated by complex logistics, heavy ice conditions, harsh weather and 24-hour darkness. Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals in a Changing Arctic comprises various research projects where acoustic recorders are moored to the seafloor to monitor marine mammals and the noise that surrounds them. Some projects are multi-year programs for the purpose of monitoring changes in species composition and distribution in relation to various components such as temperature, sea ice and prey availability. Other projects consist of single-year recordings that target specific marine mammal species or aim to advance our knowledge of species presence/absence, distribution, calling rate and the effects of anthropogenic activity in specific areas.


Sounds of belugas recorded outside the settlement Niaqornat in West Greenland

Sounds from a bearded seal recorded in Baffin Bay

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