Student life

Are you planning to attend courses in Nuuk or considering this as a possibility? Then here is some useful information regarding course registration, travel, insurance, accommodation and more general info about living in Nuuk.

You are, of course, always welcome to contact the education coordinators.

We hope to see you in “Colourful Nuuk


How to register for courses in Nuuk

To apply for specific courses in the Arctic Science Study Programme (ASSP), please complete the “Student Information” under “How to apply”. After submitting the completed form you will receive an e-mail with details on how to proceed with register for the courses and other practical information.

The ASSP offers master’s and PhD-level courses, with everything from brief seminars to more intensive courses, and ranging from a few weeks to up to one semesters in duration. You will find information about the courses under Arctic Science Study Programme (ASSP). Applicants applying for a full semester, 30 ECTS, are given priority.


Travel to and from Nuuk

First, make sure that you have received positive confirmation directly from Aarhus University and the GINR that you have been accepted to the courses that you plan to attend before making any travel plans. 

Tickets to Nuuk from Copenhagen (and return) can be ordered directly through Air Greenland. Tickets to Nuuk from Reykjavik or Keflavik (Iceland) (and return) can be ordered directly through either Air Greenland or Air Iceland Connect

If you plan to attend courses extending two or more months, we ask that you only book the ticket to Nuuk and wait with the return ticket until after you have arrived in Nuuk (minor course changes may occur, which could affect your departure time). This should not affect the ticket price.

The travel time from Copenhagen is about 5.5 hours. To get from the airport to the student housing in the annex or in Nuuk you have to take a taxi. 

Phone numbers: +299 363636 or +299 321321. We also have a good public bus transportation system and taxis are always available. 


Travel/health insurance in Nuuk

All students are obliged to arrange their own insurance for any health issues and accidents that could arise during their stay in Greenland. Usually a reliable travel Insurance should suffice, but please make sure that you are covered in Greenland during your entire stay. Healthcare in Greenland will ensure emergency treatment, but you will still be required to have travel insurance covering health and accident treatment (incl. medical repatriation). Please study the terms and conditions of the travel insurance closely. Danish students are also required to arrange travel insurance during their studies in Greenland. 


Accommodation in Nuuk

Greenlandic and Danish students can apply for dorm rooms at the Dorm Administration Office (KAF) in Nuuk. (website is only available in Greenlandic and Danish).

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources will assist in finding accommodation in Nuuk for international students. 

Students are expected to pay accommodation fees.

For further details, please contact the local education coordinators at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.  


Staying in Nuuk

All students are responsible for covering their own expenses during their stay in Greenland. This includes accommodation, food, clothing and other living expenses. If you‘re wondering what clothing to pack and want to get an idea of the weather conditions in Nuuk, we recommend using this website on Greenland weather as a guideline. However, this is only a guideline! During the winter, be prepared for temperatures that can go below minus 20°C (minus 4°F) along with high winds that will increase the windchill factor. Although we have warm suits (float suits) and boots that you can use during course fieldwork, you are generally expected to bring your own warm clothing.

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland with a population of roughly 17,000. It is located on Greenland’s west coast and is called an open water city, which means that it can be reached by ship all year around. Nuuk is located south of the Arctic Circle.

There is a cultural center in Nuuk called Katuaq that hosts events by Greenlandic and foreign artists, exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, etc. Katuaq also has a cinema that shows the latest movies and a café that serves excellent meals. Skiing — both cross country and downhill — is a popular winter activity in Nuuk. The city also boasts a golf club with a 9-hole course. Nuuk has a beautiful indoor swimming pool called Malik that has won an international award for its stunning architecture. During the summer, many locals like to go fishing in the fjords and hiking in the mountains. You can read more about Nuuk on Visitgreenland


Students working in laboratory on the research vessel, R/V Sanna

Students growing ice in a pond in Nuuk harbour, West Greenland

Student measuring snow depth on sea ice in Nuuk harbour, West Greenland

Fieldwork on Climate forcing, effects and adaptation in the Arctic course

Marine sampling  in Godthaabsfjord, West Greenland

Students getting ready working on sea ice edge in Godthaabsfjord, West Greenland

Students learn about sea ice in Godthaabsfjord, West Greenland