Educational Organization

Arctic Science Study Programme (ASSP) in Nuuk is offered in collaboration between the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen, and will ensure more graduates with an Arctic scientific background.

An education coordination group has been established for the purpose of organizing the Arctic Science Study Programme (ASSP) at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. The group is headed by the Greenland Climate Research Centre and includes representatives from the collaborating institutions. The group meets regularly to coordinate ongoing course activities and review new enquiries for education activities. 

In addition, a user group comprised of staff situated in the education building addresses day-to-day practical issues related to the building and ongoing activities. 


If you have any questions regarding existing educational activities, possibilities for new activities or the use of the educational facilities, please contact one of the local education coordinators.


Education coordinator contacts

  • Dorte Søgaard Schrøder (
  • Phone: +4561164226
  • Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and Arctic Research Centre at Aarhus University