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Our team is expanding, and we are looking for a new colleague Published 26.09.2018

The Greenland Climate Research Centre is a department at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. The Centre is a research, advisory and education department researching the effects of climate change on the marine ecosystem and environment as well as the Greenlandic community. This research is complex and involves a wide range of scientific disciplines, including biology, biochemistry, microbial ecology and molecular biology in surveys of plankton, benthic animals, fish, and marine mammals.

We are seeking an experienced Laboratory Programme Coordinator/Research Assistant to take part in the dynamic and challenging work at the Centre. The tasks are versatile, and the candidate will work in close collaboration with the other technicians and research scientists of the Centre. We are looking for a dedicated and flexible person with good collaboration and coordination skills, someone with a “hands-on” attitude to solving daily practical challenges, who enjoys working in an international research environment. We expect you to be thorough in your work, enterprising, self-motivated, and work well with others as well as independently.

The post involves some field work, primarily sample collection from smaller and larger ships, including collection of samples and measurements in the Nuup Kangerlua as well as field trips to Zackenberg in North-East Greenland. Experience with sailing, handling and maintaining smaller boats is therefore a plus.

Main tasks

  • Planning and carrying out field work in connection with marine monitoring
  • Carrying out analyses in collaboration with the other laboratory technicians and research scientists of the department
  • Optimisation and verification of analytical methods
  • Introduction and calibration of new equipment
  • Responsibility for handling and disposing of hazardous waste
  • Register chemicals and ensure that the safety of the laboratory is in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Participate in the general operation and maintenance of laboratory facilities and equipment
  • Assist the group of researchers with the experimental work and sample collection


Your qualifications

You have an education in and experience with working in laboratories, and you are used to work as part of a team but also thrive on working independently and proactively. You have a talent for organising and structuring in laboratories as well as planning and carrying out the practical work in the laboratory. You are an accommodating and enthusiastic colleague and enjoy collaborating across different professions.


Pay and conditions of employment

The post is available with commencement as soon as possible. The post is expected to be paid according to the AK-agreement in force at the time of commencing employment.



In connection with the post, an unfurnished staff accommodation can be assigned according to the rules in force at the time in question. Rent and deposit are paid according to the rules in force at the time in question for the assigned accommodation. The staff accommodation is connected with the employment relationship and must be vacated upon termination of the employment relationship. Rent and standard of the accommodation may vary depending on the age of the accommodation, ownership, etc. There may be a wait for a permanent staff accommodation, wherefore a temporary accommodation will be assigned, including small shared accommodations or hotel apartments, which will be subject to taxation.



To apply for the post, please e-mail your application and CV to:

Malene Simon, Head of Department of the Greenland Climate Research Centre.


Phone: +299-548977


Closing date for applications: 17 October 2018